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QualityLearning Software

We put people in the center of the learning experience, not content.

The Learner is the center of learning experience

Most learning platforms place specific content in the center of the learning experience. As a consequence, only the content stored in the platform dictates what a Learner should learn. For QualityLearning we have a different vision—we want to place the Learner in the center of the learning experience.

In order to help each learner as individually as possible, we complement our QualityLearning platform with a research-based concept where the learner regularly reflects on his or her current learning status in an iterative manner. Often this is with the help of an instructor or learning coach who offers tips and tricks for a more individual, sustainable and fruitful learning experience.

In addition, the system confronts the learner with a daily challenge that is based on the individual learning data of the learner, as for example their motivation and progress.

Personal Goals

Each learner sets individual learning goals to help achieve a greater goal, such as changing a mindset to be able to work in a more innovative environment or developing individual potential in order to take the next career step.

Self-regulated Learning

When starting a self-regulated learning process the learner explicitly states his or her learning goal and what the achievement should look like. After choosing the most suitable content out of the provided selection the learner can start a learning session right away.

Flexible Learning Session

These learning sessions could contain different kind of questionnaires to support the Learner through the learning experience and provide guidance with continuous feedback. This feedback helps to reflect on the learning process and develop further learning competencies.

Individual Learning Goals

You as a Learner are an individual! You have a unique set of skills and prior knowledge combined with your very personal experience and background.

With QualityLearning we place you as a Learner in the center and focus specifically on your individual learning goals. This is because we think there probably isn’t anyone more informed about what your goals are than yourself!

Self-Regulated Learning

To be a successful self-regulated learner you should be reflecting on your individual learning goals, work on them regularly and try out new learning methods throughout the process. But don’t worry; we don’t want you to do that all on your own!

We support you with our pedagogical frameworks and various tools to get a better understanding of what you might need in your individual learning process and what you could try next.

Continuous Feedback

Feedback helps you know if you are on the right track, if your current work or learning load is too high or too low and if you are improving by successfully reaching your learning goals.

Feedback can come in various forms, such as quiz-results and improvement charts, or provided by another person, tutor or mentor. It is also vital to gain metacognitive skills in order to help you to give feedback to yourself and not to be too harsh or too easy with yourself.

Combining Agile Principles with Pedagogical Research

Many individuals and organizations find the Agile mindset a helpful approach to deal with increased complexity, as it is more collaborative, experimental and focused on the needs of people. As Agile principles have many similarities with learning, in especially concepts like feedback, iterative research and self-regulated learning, we include these well-proven theories and practices and combine them with our knowledge about Agile.

Levels of Learning

There are many facets learning can have. In the center of the learning experience is the individual. But not only the individual learns, as there are more layers around the individual that are also learning. The individual might be part of a team that learns for example how to set up their team interactions in order to improve their communication. The team in turn is part of an organisation that for example learns how to grow or to change its strategy. And finally, the organisation itself is embedded in the society that can learn based on various factors.

QualityLearning ships with powerful features for individual learning

Individual Goals










Learning Diary


Learning Paths


Scripted Collaboration


Learning Formats


QualityMinds and QualityLearning

When you are working in an agile environment it is important to adjust quickly to new situations. QualityMinds realised that they need a more agile learning approach if they want to keep their knowledge up to date and to keep their Minds motivated and happy. We, therefore, founded the team QualityLearning—with their learning specialists focusing on the learning needs of their fellow Minds, teams and the organisation as such. After doing that for a while – talking to people about their goals, their learning strategies, and content, we realised that the QualityLearning team does not scale too well and therefore we developed our QualityLearning product. With this, we have the time to focus more on the individual learner and help them as best we can.

Who we are? We are a team of learning specialists and computer scientists. By combining our professional expertise, the knowledge that some of our team members gained in previous research projects about educational software during their dissertation years at university, as well as state of the art research methodology and findings, we aim for not only contributing to future research, but also to more equity in learning and education.

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